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Building my database for abbreviations


  • Python 3.0<
  • PyYAML 5.1<


Create a YAML database, add abbreviations from the terminal, start a quiz to study


Add abbreviaton from terminal

python3 add [abbreviation] ["description"] [tag]

Start quiz

python3 quiz

Asks you what the description of the abbreviation is.

Status quo:

  • case sensitive
  • randomized
  • doesn't repeat words but resets after every word was used

Short quiz without input

python3 random

Shows you random abbreviations and presents you the answer after you press 'Enter'

Search function

python3 search *searchterm*

Import csv file

python3 csv [file]

Example for the syntax:

LAN,Local Area Network,network

Default csv-file is name 'csv-import.csv'. Optional choose another one via terminal.

delimiter: comma ',' - only one tag for now - no check for dublications (dublicates are getting updated)



module 'yaml' has no attribute 'FullLoader'

The 'Fullloader' class is only available in PyYAML 5.1 and later. You can check your current PyYAML version as followed:

>>> import yaml
>>> yaml.__version__

You can update your version with pip:

pip3 install -U PyYAML