My try to create my own butler. Reminder and ToDo programm.
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Create digital butler for reminder and notification


  • Python 3.0<
  • PyYAML 5.1<


Proof of concept. Testing multiple data structures and functions.

Currently in debug mode tested on Linux.


Show entries

python3 butly show

Status Shows entries sorted by due date

Add entry

python3 butly add

Status Requests more input: task, due, category, recur


  • Create overview of entries
  • add options for the terminal
    • Show entries sorted by the due date
    • Add entries via terminal
      • check the dates
      • check categories
      • check frequency
  • Mobile notification
  • HTML layout export


module 'yaml' has no attribute 'FullLoader'

The 'Fullloader' class is only available in PyYAML 5.1 and later. You can check your current PyYAML version as followed:

>>> import yaml
>>> yaml.__version__

You can update your version with pip:

pip3 install -U PyYAML