My try to create my own butler. Reminder and ToDo programm.
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2 years ago
# Create digital butler for reminder and notification
### Requirements
* Python 3.0<
* PyYAML 5.1<
## Status
Proof of concept. Testing multiple data structures and functions.
Currently in debug mode tested on Linux.
2 years ago
## Usage
#### Show entries
python3 butly show
**Status** Shows entries sorted by due date
#### Add entry
python3 butly add
**Status** Requests more input: task, due, category, recur
2 years ago
* [x] Create overview of entries
* [ ] add options for the terminal
* [x] Show entries sorted by the due date
* [x] Add entries via terminal
* [ ] check the dates
* [x] check categories
* [x] check frequency
2 years ago
* [ ] Mobile notification
* [ ] HTML layout export
### Troubleshooting
module 'yaml' has no attribute 'FullLoader'
The 'Fullloader' class is only available in PyYAML 5.1 and later. You can check your current PyYAML version as followed:
>>> import yaml
>>> yaml.__version__
You can update your version with pip:
pip3 install -U PyYAML