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Status - DRAFT

Everything is work in progress.

Target group:
non-tech folks.
One-pager, classless css, easy to change and contribute (at the expense of scalability and maintance)
Accessable resource for non-tech folks to help to get their stuff secured. Recommendations for tools and methods. Easy to understand.
Launch the site
add Dictionary
add 'German' version
add section for 'what to do if something happend'
some sister-sites with different topics


Open an issue, a pull-request or send an e-mail to the address in the footer of the site.


Feel free to fork the project and translate it in your language. Host it yourself or contact us.


Using a classless css file. Forked from

Classic section


<h1>HEADER_TITLE <a href="#ANCHOR_NAME" id="ANCHOR_NAME"><img src="/assets/img/anchor.png" alt="anchor_icon"></a></h1>

  <p><i>What does it mean?</i></p>
  <p><i>Why is it important?</i></p>



Mark something as important



<h1>HEADER_TITLE <a href="#ANCHOR_NAME" id="ANCHOR_NAME"><img src="/assets/img/anchor.png" alt="anchor_icon"></a></h1>

License & Notice

Please visit for license information and other disclaimers. is provided on an "as-is" basis, without warranty, and disclaiming liability for damages. By contributing to this repository you agree to license your work under the terms of the license in this repository.